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I'm Sabela García Cuesta - a multidisciplinary artist who truly believes in the transformative power of art.  Painting has helped me tap into my intuition in a radical way, and I'm passionate about helping others do the same.​ I've run and co-created a bunch of different art projects over the years, using my skills in entrepreneurship and community-building to make a real impact.


Right now, I'm living between Hamburg in Germany and Venice in LA, and I'm always seeking out new inspiration and new projects wherever I go.​ 


Each piece of art I create is entirely unique, since it's inspired by the process itself rather than any kind of preconceived notion of what it "should" look like. You won't find any perfect pieces here - just flawed, beautiful, uneven strokes that reflect the beauty of imperfection. ​


My boob-themed artworks and  private portrait sessions are a medium for me to shine a light on the important topics of self-love and vulnerability, which hold a special place in my heart.


On my events and workshops I like empowering others to break free from any limitations that may be holding them back and to embrace their authentic selves. My intention is to create a safe space in where people can feel free to be vulnerable and to express their creative power without fear of judgment.


My motto in life is "feel more and think less", and I invite you to join me on that journey. Check out my TEDx Talk for some more inspiration, and have fun exploring my page!

Upcoming events

"I believe that we are all connected on a deeper level than we realize—and that we can tap into this connection through creativity and intuition."

A few of my customers

I love creating unique experiences for each one of my clients according to their needs. 

Get in touch if you want to know how I can help co- creating yours. 

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“Sabela, Thank you so much for this experience. The entire activity tonight was amazing and so much fun. It was truly meaningful and powerful for me"
Community Intuitive Art Workshop, LA, California 2023

Tamar Levy

"Want to thank you again for the incredible evening, the mind opening, the great vibes, the person you are, it was more than just words. Can't wait for us to meet again here in Israel."
Team Event Wilco, Israel 2022

Katharina  Koch

“Hey Sabela! I have been dreaming about colors, paintings and you -it was crazy! ”
Private Portrait Session, Hamburg 2022
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