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Welcome to Sabela's world, a place of warmth and creativity. Here, we embrace the beauty of self-love and the whispers of intuition that guide us. As you explore, you'll not only get a glimpse into Sabela's journey as an artist but also step into a realm where she creates experiences that nurture the soul – a gracious host, inviting you to share in moments of connection. Discover the artist within, uncover these moments, and become part of the tapestry of heartfelt experiences that Sabela has lovingly prepared for you.

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From "synchronicity" - the phenomenon of an apparent pattern of coincidental events which, while lacking any causal relationship, bear a meaningful relationship to the observer. CJ

Sabela's studio based in Hamburg, Gemany, has come into live as a synchronicity and therefore it has taken its  name. One things has led to the other and today many people gather at Sincronia to be creative, to host experiences and to share deep conversations. 


See here which upcoming experiences are taking place next. 

“Sabela, Thank you so much for this experience. The entire activity tonight was amazing and so much fun. It was truly meaningful and powerful for me"
Community Intuitive Art Workshop, LA, California 2023

Tamar Levy

"Want to thank you again for the incredible evening, the mind opening, the great vibes, the person you are, it was more than just words. Can't wait for us to meet again here in Israel."
Team Event Wilco, Israel 2022

Katharina  Koch

“Hey Sabela! I have been dreaming about colors, paintings and you -it was crazy! ”
Private Portrait Session, Hamburg 2022

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