Hi, I'm Sabela

Intuitive artist, entrepreneur and co-creator of experiences

When I paint, all prejudices and expectations blow away, and I return to be the kid that I am. There is no fear of making mistakes. I am talking about radical self-expression. With my pieces of arts, workshops, art session, and events in where I combine art with other elements I make people remember that they are also powerful creative beings. Our imagination is limitless, and everything we can dream of is already there. We just need to calm our minds, reconnect to our intuition and feel the flow of life.


My artwork x Picassy

I am collaborating with Picassy to sell my artwork directly to you via their art shop. Have a look and pick the one you like the most :)

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Book a painting session with me

I am offering 1:1 intuitive art sessions for everyone who just wants to have some fun, discover more about themselves and want to break free from limitations. I am happy to be spending some time with you.


What they say about my work

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Art Made in Hamburg (Mrs. City)

June 1, 2021

Millerntorn Gallery & Viva Con Agua Online Auction - Check out from 3:12:00

July 7, 2020

Kunst nach Gefühlen (Geheimtipp Hamburg)

July,  2020

Girls, Girls, Girls – jetzt wird’s bunt!

September 29th


Hire an artist! 

For companies and groups

Would you like to work with me for your next team event, party, conference or gathering? Download the file with infos about my previous experiences.