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About Sabela.

Sabela's life journey has been an ode to the enchanting power of art. Through her artistic ventures, she has discovered life's hidden treasures, inviting her to share a simple yet profound message with others: "Embrace life's joy."

Amidst a world that often overlooks the quiet potency of creativity, Sabela emerges as a gentle guide. 


Sabela's presence paints an invitation for others to explore their creative sides – a reminder that life's hues can be as vibrant as they are subtle. With each stroke of her artistic expression, she not only adds color to canvas but also to the lives she touches.

Sabela, born 1989 in Spain, is an artist whose global journey reflects her passions: community, spirituality, and the voyage of self-love and discovery. With a degree in Applied Translation from London, her art spans intuitive pieces and portraits, celebrating connections formed during creation. Her work has graced exhibitions in Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Hamburg, LA, and Tel Aviv.

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