Hi, I am Sabela

I am a Spanish artist based in Hamburg, Germany. My heart is divided in many places where I feel home and have painted some of my pieces, both in paper and as mural work. These magical spots are Cape Town, Miami, Venice Beach and Tel Aviv. 

My headquarter is a coliving space with other 9 people, a dog and a baby. Living in community is very important to me and it has helped me to develop a strong sense of compassion and connection. 

I like painting in the floor and I experiment with many materials, among my favourites are acrylic paint, oil wax crayons and charcoal.  When I am in connection with the paper all prejudices and expectations blow away, and I return to be the kid that I am. The fear of making mistakes disappears. 

I host workshops, art session, and events because I love helping people remember that they are also powerful creative beings.