Cacao & Intuitive Art

Connect with your intuition and creative power

"Join me in a journey to discover how to bring more colors into your life and learn more about how to better connect to your intuition using art as a way of radical self expression."

"First, I will prepare for you a cup of ceremonial cacao to open up our hearts. You will be able to experience an enhanced level of awareness that will help you connect to your creative flow to better let go an express freely what's inside you. I will explain you more about the story of cacao and its "magical" properties. 

After drinking the cacao I will guide you to enter into a meditative state with some music, we will set up intentions and then we will be ready to start with a few painting challenges.  

We will start sketching on paper with wax crayons and charcoal and will end up painting with acrylics so you get to feel a broad spectrum of materials."


Price: 60 Euro per person 

Time: 2,5 hours

Art supplies and cacao included