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Hello there, 

I am an artist and my name is Sabela. My mum chose my name because of her favourite cow - yes, she used to own a cow farm before I was born in the North of Spain. 

The biggest inspiration for my paintings? The human body. It fascinates me to explore it as the container of our concious being. What I could have never expected is that I would become the "boobs artists" and not because I chose to paint boobs but because the boobs chose me - it's a long story.  Now, I dedicate lots of my time portraying women's breasts and hosting self love sketches group sessions, which I found a very curious way to heal my relationship with myself. 

Fun fact! My boobs artworks have been already all the way around the world - including Burning Man 23 - and I have collectors owning my pieces from the USA to Australia. 

Despite my absolute love for colors - and when you check out my paintings you will understand what mean - I recently took the decision to paint exclusively with natural pigments to align more with my values and connect back to nature. I can't see all that plastic waste going down the sink.

I work mostly with companies by hosting creative events or creating artwork for their spaces. I have co created along the past years with clients like WeWork, JannJune, Google, Superbude Hotel, the Affordable Art Fair Hamburg, Cherry Deck, Vantopia, and Aquarylic. 

Also, I am open to work with you as a private client and support you on your creative journey if you are committed to become the most confident and creative version of yourself. Send me an email with your goals and we can work together on getting you there. If what you are looking for is an intensive fresh start into the new year, this special creative retreat in Spain in February 2024 (8th - 12th) might be just for you.

I am on a mission to find the most delicious croissant in the planet. Whether you can help me with that or not, you are invited to join my mailing list below. I share sporadically exciting events, expos and opportunities for the ones that choose to follow my journey.  



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