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Sabela's project aims to encourage self-acceptance through artwork featuring women's breasts, with the goal of initiating conversations and providing a platform for sharing personal experiences.


"I recently realized that I had not been fully aware of my own not- so -positive relationship with myself, both mentally and physically. Since childhood, I had been striving for perfection and constantly comparing myself to others, but I eventually questioned the meaning of "perfection." It dawned on me that my self-criticism stemmed from a deep desire to be liked and accepted.

Several years ago, I embarked on a journey of self-acceptance and self-love that led me to start this art project, hoping to assist others who may be in similar self-sabotaging situations as I once was."


By showcasing her artwork in various cities worldwide and conducting interviews with women who live in those cities,  Sabela aims to raise awareness about self-acceptance.  She chose to focus on women's breasts because this body part is still often bringing up controversial topics of conversation and one that many women have a challenging relationship with.


Ultimately, her objective is to encourage vulnerability and create a safe space for everyone to share their experiences.

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Sabela has co-hosted already several boobs art shows in Los Angeles, Tel Aviv and Berlin. The next exhibition is taking place in Hamburg in February 2024.

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