Shows and Expos

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ArtBox Project Miami

December 2022 / Miami

The ARTBOX.PROJECT Miami 3.0 will take place from 28 November - 10 December 2022 during the world famous Art Basel Art Weeks in Miami in a top location in the trendy and much-frequented art district Wynwood.

Group Expo Pop Up - Art Gallery

August 2022 / Hamburg (Germany)

As part of the group expo organized by the Pop Up Gallery in Hamburg, Sabela is exhibiting a special selection of her artwork featuring women's breasts. The artwork belongs to her latest art project "All boobs are beautiful".

6 artworks 

Aludibond prints, personalized with crayon and acrylic paint

40x30 cm 

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Contemporary Art Fair - Versailles

January 2022

Represented by Van Gogh Gallery Madrid

Artwork 1:

"Golden Chains"

Acrylic on canvas

90 x 65 cm


Artwork 2:


Acrylic and wax crayon on canvas

100 x 80 cm



Millecent Ways to Art

 August 2021 / Paris (France)

Represented by Millecent 

Hosted at Rivoli 59

Artwork "Adam and Eve" 

Alubond, acrylic and golden leaf


Photos by Raimar von Wienskowski

St Pauli 100 Blickwinkel

July 2021 / Hamburg (Germany)

Die Neugestaltung des 3. und 4. Obergeschosses der Haupttribüne steht ganz unter dem Motto Diversität. In enger Zusammenarbeit mit dem FC St. Pauli wollen wir die gesellschaftliche Entwicklung hin zu mehr Vielfalt und Gleichberechtigung künstlerisch vorantreiben.
Hier findest du über 100 Arbeiten, die das Lebensgefühl, die Diversität, den Verein und den Stadtteil St. Pauli aus den Blickwinkeln ausschließlich weiblicher, trans, queerer und non-binärer Kunstschaffender feiern.

January 2020

Solo Expo "Palabras Perdidas"

November 2019 / Hamburg

„These powerful tones on their most intense shades remind me of how alive I am.“ Says Spanish born artist Ela Besela about her works. „Feelings have no form or color per se. Still, they shape our lives and define our perception of people and things around us. I chose to paint emotions, the inside of things because I don’t feel the need to reproduce the outside, the surface of what we consider our reality.“

Elas work is filled with recurring symbols like hearts and eyes – windows to the soul and the truth.
The exhibited collection “Palabras Perdidas” (“Forgotten Words”) includes a script that sets each artwork in a bigger context. For the viewer, this second layer offers unique additional access to her works.

So, let’s dive into the bright and colorful world of Ela Besela. There’s a chance we might find some of our own feelings laid bare of the canvas.

Solo Expo "It was all a dream"

May 2019 / Hamburg

Collection of artwork from the series "It was all a dream" inspired in adventures in Miami during 2018