My artwork 

My artwork is divided in two different styles. 

When I do intuitive art I connect to myself and release, let go, manifest and do my own magic with my paintings. There are no expectations, it is only fun, freedom of expression and experimentation without expectations.

When I am painting a portrait, I concentrate on the person that is in front of me. We create a symbiosis and a very deep connection that turns more into a life experience that will remain imprinted in my painting. 


Intuitive Art

I paint tuning in with my intuition. I do not have expectations. The colors call me and I do not judge. Most of the times I channel messages to myself from the deepest of my subconscious mind. Other times I am a small child having fun.

IMG_20220603_090521 (1).jpg

Boobs Painting

All boobs are beautiful. I love portraying women's breast taking out sexual connotations and making it all about the beauty of this part of our bodies to claim more self love and body acceptance.


Portrait Painting

When I portray people, I love connecting deeply with the person. It is a very intimate opportunity to be yourself, vulnerable and transparent in front of my eyes.