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Press interview - July 22

Sabela shares in the Hamburg radio station what she does as an artist and a few of the songs that have influenced her life.  Listen to the interview here

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Otto Commercial Campaign- Feb 22

Sabela participated in one of the campaigns for the German e-commerce brand Otto. Here to the press release.

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Grazia Magazine Germany (print) - February 21

This is an article written by Antonella Stein about her experience at one of Sabela's workshops.

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Art Made in Hamburg - Jan21

Sabela was included in an interview series highlighting female artists in town. Read the article here.

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Frühcafé Hamburg TV -May 21

Sabela got invited to talk about a project she run during the month of May 2021 - the month of mental awareness. She painted over 50 portrait of women and talked to them during the process. The exchange was not only rewarding but also brought to the surface that we are dealing always with the same, just under different circuntances. Watch the interview here.

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Geheimtipp Hamburg - July 20

Kunst Nach Gefühlen - Ihr Gemälde wurde bei der Millerntor Gallery für den vierfachen Preis verkauft. Spontan produziert sie während Corona ihr eigenes CBD-Öl und ganz nebenbei macht sie auch noch ihre eigene Mode-Kollektion. Wir sprechen über keine andere als Sabela Garcia Cuesta – eine Hamburger Künstlerin die nicht nur sich selbst immer wieder empowert. Read the whole article here

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