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Art to Empower: Unveiling the Meaning Behind Women's Portraits Celebrating Individuality

A woman posing in front of artwork
Art Show in Berlin May 2023

I need to confess that I wasn't unaware of how empowering it is and the impact I am having with the mission of painting women's breasts portraits around the world. After my art shows in Los Angeles, Tel Aviv and Berlin this year I am flattered about the multiple commissions that have come my way from women that want to have this experience. And do you know why?

Let me tell you the magical ingredient of this movement:

  • Every woman that is portrayed has to open up and share first with me why they want to have their boobs portrait painted. This might be a very straight forward step, yet to open up and being vulnerable means entering into a very deep journey of self reflection about yourself, your body image and self acceptance.

  • Sending a picture of your boobs or posing live in front of an estranger is already very brave. I am happy that many women are taking this important step to inspire others and have put the trust on me and my experience as artist.

  • Are you accepting what you are seeing? Are you proud and self aware of the beauty of your unique body? When you receive your painting you receive a symbolic physical reminder. Every time you look at the artwork, you will be reminded to accept yourself the way you are, celebrating yourself every single day.

I am grateful to be able to contribute to many women's journey to self love and acceptance. If we are critical and unaccepting of ourselves, we probably find it difficult to believe that other people can really accept and love us and will try it all to avoid rejection, which will lead to a version of ourselves that is not who we truly are.

Portrait of woman breasts Berlin art show 2013
Artwork by Sabela Garcia Cuesta

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