• Sabela García Cuesta

How to do intuitive art?

Intuitive art is about letting all go, expressing yourself without judgement and without expectations. It is about feeling the colors and enjoying fully the process of creation.

I have many techniques and exercises that I use myself to enter in flow state. Today I am going to share my most recent one with you step after step.

1. I close my eyes and focus on feeling more than thinking. Emotions start arising, maybe I get stuck on a particular moment in time from the past, it might be a dream to achieve or even a pain to go through... and when I am ready I start writing down words or sentences on a paper or canvas with different colors.

2. Once the whole paper in full of words I start painting over with acrylics something that is kind of related to these feelings that want to escape. Sometimes it gets very figurative and other times it might be more abstract. The painting starts taking shape.

3. The last step involves contouring. Here is when I take a total extreme color (many times it is black) to draw a line/ shape on top of the painting. This third layer has usually very little to do with the words and the artwork underneath. It helps playing games with the mind and distracts the attention of the final piece of art to another different world.

Here below, an example of this kind of artwork:

"You need to be my eyes" (Acrylic on Canvas 150x175cm)

I encourage you to try out by yourself. It is not only super fun but also very releasing. And if you try, do to hesitate to share the result with me!

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