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Art & Dine

Connecting Art & Food Through Dinner Parties

I love combining art with life.

I hosted my first ARTxDINE session in 2021 in where I guided my guests to a creative experience mixing all senses, breaking stereotypes and fostering imagination. By presenting an immersive dinner full of surprises, I encouraged my guests to connect with their inner child, the one that loves playing with food and colors, the one that is not scared of making mistakes and trying something new. The one that loves having fun.

Our chef of the night, Winnie Maria, built the menu based on the topic "FOREST" and so every activity following each dish, was recreated on different elements of the forest.

All guests started the dinner with blinded eyes and smelled and touched some ingredients that later on would be part of the dinner, without being able to identify them visually. The idea behind was to trigger other senses before the taste.

Right after, the guests practiced their painting skills with both right and left hands. Did you know that many times, when we paint with the hand we use less often, we enter faster in a state of flow?

After a few apple ciders and glasses of Pussey wine, we started painting with our hands, with food, with berries from the forest... we tried it all! In the end, we finished drawing in the table cloth and allowed ourselves to feel free and get crazy, breaking all limitations and going with our imagination far beyond the piece of paper.

I must confess that I got extremely inspired and I received amazing feedback from my first guests (thanks for your trust and open mind to experiment). It was an evening full of magic and surprises.

I'd love to host more of these dinners to bring together art and food to the table. Creativity, inspiration, fun and a full belly is the best combo to expand our minds.

Drop me a line if you are curious and would like to work with me together to host one of this exclusive experiences for a special occasion.

Photo credits @Helena Robles / Host of the night: THEDISTRIQT

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