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"Vacation is a State of Mind" – How I brought a cannabis brand into the German market

Back in 2020 I made a trip to California with my parents. We spent some time in LA, Venice Beach, and we found the vibes totally contagious. I fell in love with the laid back attitude of the Californians, the sea, sun, palm trees, skaters, street art... that lifestyle!

There, I got to visit some cannabis dispensaries and tried different CBD products. It was super inspiring to see and try such a huge range of CBD products: coffee, ice creams, chewing gums, lemonades, lollypops, creams, oils, make up... cannabis everywhere and for everyone!

After I came back from my vacations, I started taking CBD oil daily and my friends and co-workers started asking me why I look so relaxed and chilled. Oh well... CBD was starting to work wonders on me!

But this is not all, let me tell you in three points why I decided to start my own CBD label:

  • I personally find most CBD brands in Germany soul-less. I wanted to create a product with soul and a story that could make the consumer travel with their mind to a stress free zone. I want you to experience with me those chill Californian vibes that totally got me and changed my way of living.

  • My mother had always smoked weed and I never really accepted it. Now I am not only totally fine with it but I also support it. Starting a CBD oil business brings me closer to my mother and to the mission to destigmatize the cannabis industry (with THC or without).

  • I suffered from crazy anxiety and had a burnout at work a couple of years ago. Stress is really a huge problem in our society causing lots of health issues (both mental and physical like insomnia or as simple as stomach pains but as severe as heart attacks). I am not going to let stress ruin my life anymore and I want to help others to follow the same path and chill more.

Vacation is a state of mind - This is my personal message and the brand message. We are always hustling hard, working our asses off and spending hours of work stressing out to get our pay check at the end of the month. Then, we try to escape to the well deserved holidays (so we spend our life trapped in a circle of working hard - spend the money to relax- work hard again). - Great plan. Maybe not.

It took me years to understand how wrong I was and that "vacation" can be achieved by changing the mindset and learning to chill everyday, taking life easier and going with the flow. Here CBD has helped me lots.

If you have had another experience with CBD or want to exchange some thoughts, you are very welcome to hit me! I am very excited to enter into this male dominated industry in Germany. Yasss!

Have a look at my article "What I learnt as a cannabis entrepreneur in Germany".

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