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Community Walls

Painting Together For Fun - Open Air Murals

I love painting in open spaces, in walls that are visible to everyone. It's a way of bringing art into the streets and allowing it to become part of our everyday lives. It's also a great way to get people involved in the process, which I really enjoy!

My first community mural was painted during a Skate event in Cape Town in winter 2020. It was organized by local skaters and artists who wanted to bring their community together through skateboarding and art.

My second community mural was painted during Art Basel 2021 in Wynwood, the most artsy neighbourhood in Miami in collaboration with the legend Kyle Hoolbrok .

Besides community wall projects, I have worked on my own mural projects so far with friends and alone in Israel, Italy and Germany.

Abraham Hotels in Israel ( my art skulls) - February 22

Collaboration with Prot in Italy (Rimini Riviera at an abandon building) - June 21

"Flow, Shine, Grow, " an an abandoned wall at the coliving space Alsenhof (April 21)

Project Gallery

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