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From NFT collectibles and communities to my own digital artwork.

Sabela started in November 2021 digging into the NFT world after an inspiring visit to California and attending Art Basel Miami 2021. She started creating her own collectibles and minting and selling the digital art she had been producing along the years on her iPad.

Sabela has participated already in several NFT podcasts and events sharing her experience and knowledge. Check out Women in Blockchain (German), Options Players (English) and OnComic (Spanish).

NFT Collectible - Third Eye Cosmic Skulls

The third eye cosmic skulls are a collection of NFTs for collectors that wish to be part of a conscious community and are ready to cocreate the roadmap of the collection.​This community is meant to create inspiring and transformative talks, workshops, expos and festivals to promote and support all aspects of health, wellbeing, conscious living and spirituality to help achieving both physical and mental well-being. 

NFT Collectible - Pass the Love

Instead of selling and buying NFTs, what about passing them to show love and appreciation to others? This collection of colorful hearts will grow along the time and each heart will be always airdropped to the first owners.The person who receives a heart from you, receives a treasure. They can decide when and why to pass it to the next person. If you have received a heart I can tell you that you are a lucky one!

NFTs on Opensea - Art By Sabela

This is Sabela's private collection of digital drawings painted with Procreate in her 10.2" iPad since 2018. Sabela is an intuitive artist touching repeating topics with artworks like spirituality, outer space, the subconscious mind and love.

Project Gallery

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