Portrait 2020.jpg


Portraits are for me the easiest way to capture a feeling, the emotions that the person in front of me is eradiating as we chat.

You are on the spotlight, feeling observed. It's a very powerful moment that connects two people and opens up a communication channel about topics that otherwise would remain unspoken.

Having said that, you might like the result of the painting or not at all. I'm sorry but this is about the process and the magic of been seeing through other person's eyes. Maybe it helps you putting aside the self image you have of yourself - in your mind. 


Portraying women

As 2021 got started, I decided to focus on the topic of self-love. After painting a couple of portraits of myself I decided to open up and portray other women. I saw this practice as a way of evaluating how we see ourselves in a mirror and how many expectations and prejudices we have about our image (physically and mentally). This prepared me for a trip of self-awareness to meet unconditional love, appreciation, and compassion. I saw in every woman I spoke with and painted, a reflection of myself. 

During this process, I took the role of the observer, the one asking and triggering.

These women would generally fully open up to me and talk about life, love, the future, and many things they had been through in a space of trust we both created. 

The most important piece of advice before coming for a portrait would be to let go of any expectation. They should come to me ready to be seen through my eyes, with my perspective and judgment.