Sabela García Cuesta was born in Spain and has lived in Hamburg since 2012. She has been experimenting with acrylic on canvas, crayons, collage and unusual materials and techniques for the past 3 years.

Sabela’s first paintings were highly influenced by her mentor, awarded Cuban graffiti artist and human rights activist Danilo Maldonado, also known as El Sexto.

Miami also inspired Sabela on her color palette. This influence would later develop into what she would describe as her Vacay vibes state of mind and that you can see over and over on the vibrant colors of her paintings.

Currently, she focuses on abstract portraits and mostly self-portraits as a means of self-reflection to cope with her struggling feelings and emotions.

Sabela is an up-and-coming artist that has been featured on Geheimtipp Hamburg and her paintings are becoming more and more popular. Limbo Queen got auctioned last June for almost four times the initial gallery price.

She is currently collaborating with the Millerntorn Gallery in Hamburg on several projects like the “Heart over Head” poster of the month, and continues working on her craft, her commissions and other projects.