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Art and Cacao in Hamburg

Connect with your intuition and creative power with a Cacao Ceremony, meditation, painting, dancing and gratitude circle.

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1:1 Painting Workshop

Do you have any sort of creative blockage? Do you feel you would like to express yourself better with colors and connect to your intuition? Book a 1:1 session with me and we can develop together some strategies to achieve your goals and have some fun together.

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Art x Food Events for Small Groups

By presenting an immersive dinner full of surprises, I encourage my guests to connect with their inner child, the one that loves playing with food and colors, the one that is not scared of making mistakes and trying something new.


Private Events

Do you want to organice a special event for you and your friends? Sabela has arranged hen parties and birthdays bringing together art, meditation, dance and fun. Everything is possible so get in touch and share your wishes. We will make it happen.